# PRO-000030
Maggie Amini - Proposal for Site Design & Development


1Website Design and Development
Deposit of 15% up front to begin work, additional 25% due after discovery, sitemap, and wireframe but prior to visual design, an additional 25% due before development begins.

During development and prior to launch, you will have the chance to review a staging link to provide feedback.

Finally, remaining amount due for all agreed upon products or services will be due prior to launch of site.
2Website Hosting & User Editing Platform Subscription
This annual subscription mainly consists of the secure storage and delivery of content through a content management system (CMS) and delivery network, giving you control to make edits within the CMS. For your purposes hosting platforms also provide e-commerce solutions to sell product.

Costs for this annual subscription will be billed separately equating to $80 per month ($960/yr) + costs per e-commerce transaction*. Client will be responsible for and manage any ongoing adjustments to website as a content editor. Design or development requests beyond scope of initial project could carry additional costs. Client credit card required to cover all variable transaction costs and may be required for other annual subscription costs.

* System Transaction costs are 0.75% with a minimum of $0.01 up to $0.20 (max). Payment processing transaction costs are up to $0.30 + 2.9% per transaction.

*Note that System Transaction costs are waived for the first 100 transactions every month.
Sub Total $7,800.00
Discount (15%) -$1,170.00
Total $6,630.00

• Includes 15% Friend / Familly Discount

Anchor Point Agency, LLC
217 Mills Lane
Fort Mill SC
United States 29708

Proposal Information

Paul Jackson



Total $6,630.00

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